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The Rotary Club of Sullivans Cove was formed in March 1979
under the auspices of the Rotary Club of Hobart.





Over the past 35 years the Rotary Club of Sullivans Cove has been involved in a number of community based projects in Hobart and surrounding areas. Internationally we have supported Polio Plus, the Shelterbox Project, malaria treatment in the Solomon Islands , cataract surgery in Fiji and the Rotary Health Foundation.


Pictured Presidents from Group 2 – Warwick Pease, Peter Gibson, Therese Taylor,CEO Colony 47, Annie Palmer, Assistant Governor Group 2, and Ainstie Wagner, Absent are Tony Moore and John Green.
Donation for the “Get on the Road Project”

Therese Taylor, CEO of Colony 47, today welcomed a $6000 donation from Rotary for Colony 47’s Get on the Road project.

Ms Taylor said that the funding from five Rotary clubs Salamanca, North Hobart, Sullivans Cove, Moonah and City Central would allow Colony 47 to assist a number of disadvantaged young people gain driving experience and training.

“Through this generous donation from Rotary, we will be able to facilitate valuable access to training and alleviate some prohibitive cost barriers that come with learning to driving,” Ms Taylor said.

“Colony 47 supports a large number of young people through housing and youth employment programs; such as Housing Connect, Project 47 and the Jobnet Australia Apprenticeship Support Network program.”

Ms Taylor said in partnership with RACT, the funding will cover the cost of obtaining licenses and conducting the driving assessments for 10 disadvantaged young people.

“Many of the young people we assist do not have the opportunity to learn to drive, either because their family does not own a car or they are homeless and lack the resources.

“Colony 47 understands that one of the main barriers to youth employment and overcoming disadvantage in a young person’s life is the ability to access travel.

“This funding will empower 10 young people to take control over their employment future and give them better access to more opportunities.

“Colony 47 has a strong record in running education and employment programs in Tasmania, we work with parents, students, schools, businesses and employees all over the region and this program will become one of our new tools for actualizing our vision for a fairer community,” Ms Taylor said.


Outdoor Gym

The Rotary Club of Sullivans Cove recently funded the purchase and installation of a $27,000 Outdoor Gym at the beginning of the Bike Track on the Hobart Regatta Grounds which is hugely popular with everyone from teenagers to 90 year olds.


Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House is situated adjacent to the Royal Hobart Hospital and provides shelter for sick children and their parents from all over Tasmania. The R.C of S.C makes a monthly donation to pay for all consumables such as toilet rolls, washing powder etc. used by the families.


Loui’s Van

Loui’s Van is an after hours mobile service providing food, information and support to those in need, who are isolated or at risk. The R.C of S.C supports Loui’s Van with a monthly donation guaranteeing continuity of support.


Hobart Police and Citizens Youth Club

The Hobart Police and Citizens Youth Club: The R.C of S.C. partnered the  HPCYC for many years funding an outreach program targeting vulnerable children in the greater metropolitan area. At its height this program attracted national Anti-Violence Awards and has been taken up by similar organisations in other states.